Follow our guide for a stress-free wedding abroad

  • Create a unique hashtag for your wedding so your guests can start using it and friends and family back home can follow your special day and feel involved.
  • Book early to ensure your favourite choice of wedding date and location. Some destinations can only be reached on certain days due to airplane schedules, so you may need to be flexible
  • Remember you can get married abroad for free at some resorts. Ask us for further details
  • Not all destinations have year-round good weather so check you’re booking for the best time of year. If it is sunny, go easy on the sunbathing – you don’t want to look burnt in your wedding photos!
  • Make sure your wedding date is confirmed before you book your guests’ holiday arrangements.
  • Check your passport is valid and apply for required visas as soon as you can. Passports should usually be valid for at least six months after you leave your destination, but double check when booking
  • Make sure your travel insurance policy covers the value of your wedding and rings
  • Remember to request your choice of wedding extras in advance. And make friends with the hotel’s wedding coordinator – they’ll be more likely to meet any unusual requests
  • Buy a wedding dress in a cool, natural fabric and a light-coloured suit in cotton or linen for the groom. Hang your dress in a steamy bathroom when you arrive to minimise creases
  • Pack original copies of your required documents – you can’t get married without them. If you’re divorced, make sure you have your decree absolute and all court papers before you book your wedding. Some countries will also require your previous marriage certificate. For more information, see Legal Requirements
  • Arrange to video the wedding. This is the best way to appease family and friends who have been left at home
  • Expect a simple ceremony. It will be quick and informal. Most registrars are happy to include an appropriate reading that is special to you
  • Don’t stress! Weddings abroad are more laid back than a UK wedding and some things may not be available in your destination so try to be open minded.

When to go

Sri Lanka

The driest season in Sri Lanka is from November to March and July to August. The temperature stays at a balmy 30°C to 35°C year-round. Our summer months tend to see the best offers.
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The peak season in the Maldives is between November and April, when it’s hot and dry. There’s more rain from May to July and September to November, but the temperature is still a toasty 32°C on average and the best value offers are available then, too.
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Peak season in the Seychelles is during our summer months. May to October are cool and dry with little rain, April and November are hot, humid and wet while the temperature remains a balmy 30°C. The wettest time of year is January and the driest is July. Temperatures range from 22°C in winter to 34°C in summer.
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Mauritius is generally rainiest from December to May and hot and drier for the rest of the year. However, this may vary depending on which side of the island you’re visiting, so check when booking.
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