All couples marrying in the Indian Ocean must take the following documents with you and provide copies of the documents at least 9 weeks before travel.

  • UK Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Decree Absolute if applicable
  • Death Certificate or former spouse/marriage certificate if applicable
  • Adoption Certificate (if applicable)
  • Deed Poll Notice (if name changed)
  • Proof of personal detail

Requirements by Destination

Sri Lanka

An affidavit or statutory declaration is also required.

You must stay in the resort for a minimum of 4 working days before the wedding and a minimum of 7 days in total.

Visitors planning to marry in Sri Lanka must apply for ETA to enter the country. Names on the visa must be exactly the same on the passport. For further information regarding the visa please contact the Sri Lankan Embassy.

Once you have married in Sri Lanka you must get your marriage certificate certified by the Consular Affairs Section of the Ministry of External Affairs in Colombo for the marriage certificate be legally recognised outside of Sri Lanka. You will be sent the certificate after this process is complete, and please note this may take up to four months. Please allow at least 2 working days after the wedding to allow for this.

*These documents must be legalised by the foreign and commonwealth office and then attested by the Sri Lanka High commission in London within three months of the wedding date. Explorer Travel needs to see copies of these legalised and attested documents no later than 6 weeks prior to departure.


Explorer Travel will supply you with an ‘Intent to Marry’ form to complete and return with your other wedding forms and copies of all your documents including any previous marriages. If the bride has been divorced for less than ten months she will be required to take a pregnancy test in resort, for which there is a charge of £25, if the test is positive, the wedding will not proceed.

Couples must stay in the resort for a minimum of 3 working days before the wedding and a minimum stay of 7 days in total.

Birth certificates must be re-issued by the GRO or your issuing registry office within 3 months of the wedding date.


You must stay in the resort for a minimum of 4 working days before the wedding and a minimum of 7 days in total.

The minimum age to marry in the Seychelles is 21.


Couples cannot legally marry in the Maldives.

However, you can have a renewal of vows ceremony or a non legal ceremony and then have a legal ceremony in the UK to make it legal.

If you have any questions or doubts please do not hesitate.

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