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Who arranges my wedding?2019-03-12T09:37:47+00:00

Indian Ocean Weddings will arrange your flights and hotel and will be on hand day to day to answer any questions you might have.

Who will conduct our ceremony?2019-03-12T09:38:12+00:00

The majority of weddings will be conducted by a celebrant, registrar or minister. Where it’s possible to be married by a minister, the ceremony will be non-denominational unless otherwise stated.

Is our marriage legally recognised in the UK?2019-03-12T09:38:22+00:00

If you are a UK resident the wedding will be recognised in the country it takes place in and then legally recognised in the UK. If you are not a UK resident you will need to check with your local authorities.

What legal requirements are there?2019-03-12T09:38:30+00:00

These vary from country to country but you will need your British passports and original birth certificate plus any legal documentation from a previous marriage. Any further document requirements will be supplied at the time of booking. For more information see legal requirements.

Can we change our wedding date after we have booked?2019-03-12T09:38:38+00:00

Where possible we will try and meet any requests to change your wedding date however there will be an administration fee. If you wish to cancel, the charges will vary depending upon how close to the departure date you cancel.

Can we invite guests to our wedding?2019-03-12T09:39:11+00:00

Of course! Simply let us know and we can arrange their travel and accommodation. If your guests are staying at a different hotel and your wedding is taking place at an All Inclusive hotel they will need to pay for a one day pass.

How do we transport our wedding outfits on the flights?2019-03-12T09:39:03+00:00

We recommend that wedding outfits are boxed or in a hard suitcase and are placed in the hold of the aircraft. The majority of airlines do not charge extra baggage for wedding outfits.

When can we be married?2019-03-12T09:39:18+00:00

Most Indian Ocean weddings take place Monday to Friday, excluding local holidays.

Can we tell our friends and family our wedding date?2019-03-12T09:39:26+00:00

Yes, however on very rare occasions the date may change – for example if the celebrant has to change schedule or there are adverse weather conditions. Please be aware of this when purchasing gifts and stationary that show your wedding date.

Where will our wedding take place?2019-03-12T09:39:35+00:00

Most ceremonies take place in the hotel gardens. The hotel’s wedding coordinator will offer you a choice of locations. You may also be able to have pictures on the beach after the ceremony. If your wedding is booked to take place in a public area, this will be re-confirmed with you while you are on holiday, subject to local regulations.

What’s included in your wedding?2019-03-12T09:39:43+00:00

All prices quoted are per couple, per wedding. All items that are included in your package are confirmed at the time of booking. Free wedding packages may not include the same items as paid for weddings.

Can I make special requests and book optional extras?2019-03-12T09:39:58+00:00

Once you have booked your big day we will send you a questionnaire for you to complete where you can list all of your requirements. We will include a list of any extras that are available including buttonholes, a larger cake and many more additional extras which can be paid for locally.

Will we need to complete any paperwork while we’re away?2019-03-12T09:40:08+00:00

Yes, in many cases this can take up to half a day in a location away from your hotel.

What shall we wear for our Big Day?2019-03-12T09:40:16+00:00

As the climate is hot in the Indian Ocean we recommend a natural light fabric dress for the bride and a linen suit for the groom.

What about the finer details?2019-03-12T09:40:25+00:00

Many hotels will arrange for suits to be pressed. The hotel’s wedding coordinator will have a list of recommended hairdressers, beauticians, photographers and videographers. Flowers can be arranged with your coordinator upon arrival.

Can we have more than one copy of the marriage certificate?2019-03-12T09:44:02+00:00

You can take the certificate to your solicitor who will certify copies for you or you can request an additional copy from the marriage officer in resort. In some destinations the paperwork may be completed after the ceremony has taken place. In most cases your original certificate will be sent to you within four months of your wedding.

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